• GYMCHESS innovative Chess-based app to delay brain aging and keep your mind fit available on the APP Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android)
  • It is intended to complete a round of business angel financing, as well as to participate in scientific studies on topics related to cognitive deterioration and brain aging where GYMCHESS / ECAM could be used. Lastly, interested organizations have been invited to work on the deployment of GYMCHESS to measure.

Today, the Spanish pavilion of the Dubai expo has hosted the world presentation of the platform GYMCHESS . Given the international nature of the new tool, two events were held: the first, in person, was held in English, with a full room and extensive media coverage. Among the attending personalities, it is worth mentioning the presence of Judith Polgar , the best chess player in history and on whom “Queen’s Gambit” is partially inspired, the worldwide successful Netflix series, who, together with her family, have downloaded the application on site. The second, has been broadcast live through the Zoom application, has been developed in Spanish and has had a large international audience, with connections from Spain, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela, Chiles, etc.  

The application is available on the Google Play (Android) and App Store (iOS) platforms. All the information related to the new tool can also be found on the website www.gymchess.com

Both presentations have been initiated Carmen Well,  Executive Commissioner of the Pavilion, who has acted as hostess. Well, he has made a simile between GYM CHESS  and the theme of the Spanish pavilion “Intelligence for life”, where chess is the protagonist.  

Then, Teresa Risk , Secretary General of Innovation of the Ministry of Science and Innovation of the Government of Spain has commented that “ GYMCHESS  it is an excellent example of innovation, because it arises from multidisciplinarity, or in this case from psychology, chess and the transformation of technology into new businesses”

Leontxo García , journalist and science communicator, has given a brief talk on “Chess and brain aging”. García has highlighted the usefulness of chess to delay brain aging (and, therefore, Alzheimer’s and other dementias), which is backed by scientific studies. 

Juan Antonio Montero , psychologist, and main architect of Extremadura being the first world reference in social and therapeutic applications of chess, has explained that GYMCHESS,  based on the method ECAM  “It is a state-of-the-art tool arising from extensive praxis and a history full of successes in settings such as active aging and addiction rehabilitation.”

García and Montero are the co-founders of GYM CHESS  beside Asier Rufino , co-founder and CEO of Tecnalia Ventures, who was in charge of the speech for investors “in a world that is increasingly aware of nutrition; the exercise; stress management and other key factors within the equation of personal well-being “corpore Sano”; GYM CHESS  It is the ideal complement to balance the “mens sana” component. He added that it is intended to complete a round of business angel financing, as well as to participate in scientific studies on topics related to cognitive deterioration and brain aging where GYMCHESS / ECAM  could be used. Lastly, it has invited organizations interested in deploying GYM CHESS  to measure

Finally,  Arantxa Garin,  responsible for marketing, has presented the application and its functionalities and has added that in the future the application will include numerous new features that will be shown.

What is GYM CHESS?

GYM CHESS  is a Basque technology start-up that has had the support of the  Basque government  and of the  Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa,  through the program  Ekintzaile-Txekintek,  for its recent constitution.

What is the ECAM methodology

El objetivo de esta metodología innovadora, eficaz y lúdica es mejorar el sistema cognitivo y ralentizar los efectos del paso del tiempo en la mente; sirviendo como complemento a las personas concienciadas con su bienestar personal y salud mental.

ECAM  It is a methodology developed in multiple face-to-face workshops with more than 3,500 users during the last 10 years with the support of the  Board of Extremadura .

Explanatory video (EN):  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KF_HgSucBFU

Explanatory video (EN):  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j70yxI0afH4