GYMCHESS® is an innovative tool aimed at personal well-being. It is based on chess, thus benefiting from the evidence that proves chess being effective at delaying cognitive impairment and keeping the brain in shape, but not requiring to know how to play chess. "Mens sana in corpore sano."

GYMCHESS®, Keep your brain in shape!

GYMCHESS ® is more than an application, it is a platform based on the ECAM © methodology, which has been tested over the last ten years by more than 3,500 users in face-to-face and digital workshops.

GYMCHESS ® allows you to benefit from the proven advantages of chess to delay cognitive impairment, without having to know how to play chess.

If you are a person conscious about: your nutrition, doing physical exercise, controlling your stress levels, sleeping well; then, GYMCHESS ® is for you the perfect complement to take care of your brain and quality of life.

“Soon doctors will recommend a daily game of chess, a crossword puzzle, some physical exercise and a healthy diet.” Dr. Verghese, Neurologist (Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York).

GYMCHESS ® allows you to work out five cognitive skills with more than 2,500 exercises


MEMORY: Mental capacity that allows us to retain information, feelings and life experiences, and retrieve them in the present.

ATTENTION: It allows us to select the information that we perceive around us and keep the course of thought on what we choose.

Mechanism by which we receive signals through the senses that entail a personal interpretation of the information.

Process by which we relate different information and that allows us to undertake the resolution of vital situations and problems.

Necessary skills to plan, organize and regulate our own behavior to adapt effectively to the environment.

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About us

The ECAM © methodology, the basis of GYMCHESS ®, arises from the work carried out by a team of psychologists and high-level chess players with users from the field of active aging, mental health, rehabilitation of addictions and other fields of psychosocial intervention.